Alushibe Group is a global importer and exporter located in United Arab Emirates with its headquarters in Dubai. Mr. Ahmed Gadalla who is an engineer by profession started this company with a vision to revolutionize the trading business while seeking long term business customers and acquiring relationships by providing quality merchandise with a professional and reliable service together with on-time delivery meeting the local and international demand through an exemplary customer service. Eng. Ahmed Gadalla, started AL Mored Oasis General Trading LLC as his first company in 2008 with the trading of construction material. With his professional experience, Eng. Ahmed Gadalla was able to select the best construction material through reputed global renowned manufacturers which helped his customers to build world class structures with high tensile strength and rigidity. Having succeeded in the construction trading business, Eng. Ahmed Gadalla moved onto other sectors such as utility items and consumables. JTA General Trading Company and AMAA General Trading LLC were also set up by Eng. Ahmed Gadalla and through this Alushibe Group was set up, which expanded its ventures, by trading lighting equipment, consumables, livestock as well as garments, auto accessories, lubricants and cleaning material. JTA General Trading Company and AMAA General Trading LLC were set up more recently and are a strong indicative of the rapid growth of Alushibe Group.

With a decade long existence, Alushibe Group stands strong and it has created a robust global trading network from which high grade products are imported from USA and redistributed in the Middle East and North African region. Customer satisfaction and treating the customers with respect is a core value of Alushibe Group. Alushibe Group has taken the feedback from customers seriously and through continuous improvement the companies have been able to adapt in a dynamic environment providing innovative solutions to the people in Middle East and North African region Alushibe Group has become the best choice among clients in the import and export industry and has gained recognition in a very short span of time.

Chairman Message

Trade has played a major role in history and easy access to trading, has opened innovation, economies of scale and vibrant competition allowing the import and export business to grow. Thus, keeping pace with time and technology, Alushibe Group was started by me way back in 2008, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with a vision to be the number one trading company in imports and exports and with a mission to expand our primary business of importing and exporting automobiles into new sectors and related businesses providing an avenue for growth and advancement of the company.

By understanding our customers well, we have been working in a dynamic environment to provide innovative solutions to enhance the customer experience along with competitive pricing to do an outstanding job. Our close knitted business network helps us to foresee the future challenges and we transform these challenges with innovative solutions to our clients.

A well trained sales force and marketing team has led us to reach our customers in a more compelling way to enhance our company profile across the globe. We have been able to win customer loyalty and become the best choice to our customers.With the latest technology in place, we remain on the realm of cutting edge technology helping to minimize on the expenses and time incurred in the services sector to be the one stop solution in all aspects of the import and export industry. Quality management procedures together with a new array of infrastructure and more faces into our departments, we have expanded in these past 10 years to attain our objectives and we have future strategies in place to collaborate extensively around the globe with renowned giants to bring in innovative products in a timely manner to our valued customers. We believe in providing an exemplary service to be the market leader in the import and export industry.

The support extended by the government of UAE has been immense. The world class infrastructural facilities along with their vision and support has assisted Alushibe Group to grow by leaps and bounds. We take this an opportunity to thank our loyal clients too, who have been our pillar of strength while retaining with us over the last decade and we have been able to further

expand our client base in the various new sectors of trade.
No matter what the future holds, Alushibe Group will expand our focus with an eye on helping solve the issues in general trading and continue to be relevant in the import and export industry.

Finally, I would like to thank you, for visiting our website and hope our products and services would be of your interest and I would personally assure you with the best services at all times on behalf of our Group of Companies

Eng. Ahmed A Ahmed Gadalla

Chairman of Alushibe Group of Companies


Al Masraf Tower, 3rd Floor,
Office 304, Dubai, UAE


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