Al Mored Oasis General Trading LLC, the first subsidiary of Alushibe Group was founded in 2008, in the commercial city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company has earned trust over the years as a reputed distributor of automobiles, consumable items, utility products, construction material and livestock. At present, Al Mored Oasis General Trading LLC primarily serves as the automobile unit of Alushibe Group serving as a high revenue generator for the company. The company handles import and export of Automobiles along with auto accessories, motor oil, tyres and wheels, spare parts including vehicle internal and external accessories. Alushibe Group has been taking a lead role in providing customised solutions to all trading challenges by being the number one choice for all general imports and exports.


The founder and CEO of Alushibe Group, Eng. Ahmed Gadalla who is originally from Libya has been able to expand his business into many diverse sectors. He is the brain child behind Al Mored Oasis General Trading LLC, and the main driving force to propel the company to success. His engineering background, management skills coupled with his access to a high end global business network has helped to revolutionise Alushibe Group to a robust business in a very short span of time to build a powerful Trade Name in the business arena. Eng. Ahamed Gadalla has worked with dedication and perseverance to establish this self –made business, to bring in several transformations to resiliently improve the company strategies which is needed for expanding the business venture. Al Mored Oasis General Trading LLC, hails as a leading market share holder in the distribution of automobiles throughout the Middle East and North African region. Although stiff competition is present in this trade, Eng. Ahmed Gadalla with his far-sighted vision has been able to strengthen his business into a trusted company. One of the core values of the company, is in treating the clients with respect while showing integrity. This has guaranteed customer satisfaction in the services provided by Al Mored Oasis General Trading LLC, strengthening the company further as a high quality brand name in general trading. Through Quality Management policies and best business practices, Alushibe Group has always had happy clients. As an organisation, Alushibe Group is committed towards providing quality products which are a benchmark with the corporate standards. Thus, the automobiles and auto accessories for Al Mored Oasis is imported from reputed companies in USA and redistributed to clients in the Middle East and Northern African region. Al Mored Oasis General Trading LLC has a mission to deliver the best services in automobile trading in the UAE, through its high range quality products and services delivered at the right time and right place. Alushibe Group’s key milestones have been in building a global network in trading to bring the best products to your doorstep as per the client’s needs.



Alushibe Group has been able to maintain high grade products at very competitive prices, together with an exceptional customer service which is the secret behind the success of Alushibe Group. The company has a highly skilled and professional technical team which is committed and well trained to execute the requests made by customers. Further, Alushibe Group maintains strong ties with suppliers and manufactures in the USA, Europe and other Southeast Asian and East Asian countries which have given an easy access to explore the market helping to serve you better. The value addition of the company is in the ability to acquire and deliver the products to the customers at competitive pricing within a very short duration while exceeding expectations. Adhering to business ethics, by showing transparency, honesty and integrity in communications and relationships, Alushibe Group has been able to retain and create success in all business relationships. Thus, ethical practices has been pivotal in shaping the corporate journey of Alushibe Group and through continuous improvement the company has been able to set an example to the others in the industry.


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