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Import is a bringing raw materials or finished products from one country to another country by Land, Sea, Air and Rail or Any other methods through the designated countries government. Increasing import will reduce the manufacturing of the importing country. Mostly import done by countries that cannot afford to the manufacturing cost shortage of labor, lack of suitable climate, low economy, developing nations and expensive in raw materials. The importing countries manufacturing cost is much higher for finished products, than importing the same product from another country in required quality.

Import Procedures

Market Analyze
Identifying the market for the import on required products.

Souring Products
Searching the supplier or distributor of the required product.

Government & Trade Regulation
Getting the import license and trade requirement and customs procedure.

Creating Contacts
Sending quote request through email or other communication method to suitable suppliers or distributors.

Negotiating and Confirming Quote
Analyzing and negotiating the supplier or distributor quotation and confirming the quotation.

Payment Terms
Establishing and negotiating payment terms and institution or payment methods,

Business Contract
Creating sales contract or agreement with exporter and confirming the terms of the payment and quotation.

Preparing Payment & Insurance
Preparing the payment terms and insurance through bank or other payment methods.

Acquiring Goods and Customs Clearance
Receiving the required documents for shipment. Finishing customs clearance, and import declaration. Receiving the goods.


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